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Pakistan Petroleum Ltd (PPL) stands as a key player in the midstream and upstream oil and gas sector. With a rich history dating back to its incorporation on June 5, 1950, PPL has been a vital contributor to the energy sector in Pakistan. The company’s operations encompass exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas resources. Key producing fields include Sui, Adhi, Kandhkot, Mazarani, Chachar, Hala, and Gambat South, with additional revenue generated from partner-operated fields such as Qadirpur, Kirthar, Tal, Sawan, Nashpa, and Latif.

Exploration Beyond Borders

PPL extends its exploration assets beyond Pakistan, delving into projects in Iraq and Yemen. Notably, the company collaborates with the Government of Balochistan through Bolan Mining Enterprise (BME) for mineral resource extraction within the state, showcasing its commitment to diversified ventures. The company’s headquarters are situated in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

PPL’s Legacy in Natural Gas Industry

PPL inherited Burmah Oil Company’s assets and liabilities, emerging as a pioneer in the natural gas industry within Pakistan. Over the decades, it has played a pivotal role in contributing approximately 26 percent of the country’s total natural gas production. Beyond this, PPL also adds to the nation’s energy needs by producing crude oil, natural gas liquids, and liquefied petroleum gas.

Exploration Strategy for Future Growth

PPL’s strategic focus lies in enhancing its exploration portfolio, aiming to maintain manageable exploration blocks and drilling around 100 wells in the next decade. This vision ensures a continuous supply of oil and gas, aligning with the nation’s energy requirements.

Key Pillars of PPL’s Operations

Continuous Supply Since 1915

PPL prides itself on providing uninterrupted oil and gas supply since 1915, showcasing its commitment to excellence in oil and gas production to serve the nation’s energy needs, extending even to neighboring countries.

Technology Leadership for Efficiency

The company adopts advanced technology to execute cost-effective and efficient exploration and production operations, emphasizing the importance of technological prowess for optimal production at low costs and high quality.

Safety at the Core

PPL maintains a commitment to safe operational practices, adhering to high environmental standards. The emphasis on safety underscores the company’s dedication to ethical operations and environmental responsibility.

Investing in Human Capital

Recognizing the significance of human resources, PPL actively explores and enhances the potential of its workforce. The dual approach of improving human resources and integrating technology ensures sustainable growth and innovation.

Creating Business Value

PPL’s success is not merely financial; it extends to creating significant business value marked by excellent financial results, professional accomplishments, and overall superior performance.

Alignment of Interests

The company actively aligns the interests of its shareholders, human resources, customers, and other stakeholders. This alignment ensures a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship among all parties involved.

Ownership Details

  • [Ownership Details]
    • [Purchase this report to view the information.] – 67.51%
    • [Purchase this report to view the information.] – 6.9%
    • [Purchase this report to view the information.] – 4.12%
    • [Purchase this report to view the information.] – 3.8%
    • [Purchase this report to view the information.] – 2.98%

PPL Undergraduate Scholarship Program


In a commendable initiative, PPL announces special scholarship schemes for students hailing from PPL-producing districts in Pakistan. These scholarships are specifically for those currently enrolled in professional bachelor’s/master’s degree programs at public sector universities across the country.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the PPL scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • A bonafide, domiciled resident of the respective district
  • Minimum of 60% marks in the last examination
  • In the early stages of their degree program, preferably in the 1st year
  • Not more than 28 years of age
  • No criminal record or act of moral turpitude
  • Not availing any other scholarship under any other scheme
  • Lack of adequate financial resources and deserving of financial support
  • Secured admission in public sector universities/institutes

District-Wise Allocation

  • District Kashmore: 10 Scholarships
  • District Matiari: 6 Scholarships
  • District Sanghar: 6 Scholarships
  • District Chakwal: 5 Scholarships
  • Union Council Dakhnair & Chhab, Tehsil Jand, District Attock: 5 Scholarships
  • Tehsil Gujjar Khan, District Rawalpindi: 5 Scholarships

Application Process

Interested candidates can submit their applications online on the Pakistan Petroleum Limited PPL website. The deadline for scholarship applications is November 28, 2023.

Fostering Inter-Provincial Harmony

To promote inter-provincial harmony, PPL extends these scholarships exclusively to students from District Dera Bugti, Balochistan, who are admitted to public sector universities/institutions in provinces other than Balochistan. Female students in Balochistan studying at public sector universities are also encouraged to apply.


In conclusion, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) not only plays a pivotal role in the country’s energy sector but also actively contributes to education through its scholarship programs. These initiatives reflect PPL’s commitment to sustainable development and fostering talent. Aspiring students from PPL-producing districts should seize this opportunity to pursue higher education and contribute to the nation’s progress.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Who is eligible for the PPL scholarship program?
    • A: Eligibility criteria include being a bonafide resident of the respective district, having a minimum of 60% marks, being in the early stages of the degree program, and more.
  2. Q: How can students apply for the PPL scholarship?
    • A: Interested candidates can submit their applications online on the Pakistan Petroleum Limited PPL website before the deadline of November 28, 2023.
  3. Q: Are female students in Balochistan eligible for the scholarship?
    • A: Yes, eligible female students studying at public sector universities in Balochistan are encouraged to apply.
  4. Q: What is the scholarship’s duration?
    • A: Scholarships are awarded for a period of one year, extendable up to four years subject to satisfactory academic performance and fund availability.
  5. Q: How does PPL contribute to the nation’s energy needs?
    • A: PPL contributes significantly to the nation’s energy needs by providing uninterrupted oil and gas supply since 1915, showcasing its commitment to excellence in production.

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