Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

In a bid to address the pressing needs of the underprivileged, the Government of Pakistan has introduced the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000. This groundbreaking initiative, announced by the Prime Minister himself, aims to provide essential food aid to those struggling to make ends meet across the nation.

Purpose of Ahsas Rashan Program 12000

The primary objective of the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000 is to serve as a lifeline for individuals and families facing economic hardships. By collaborating with the National Bank of Pakistan, the Ahsaas Program has implemented a CNIC check-in system, ensuring targeted distribution to those in genuine need.

Collaboration Between National Bank of Pakistan and Ahsaas Program

The synergy between the National Bank of Pakistan and the Ahsaas Program is crucial to the success of the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000. This collaboration ensures efficient processes, transparent distribution, and the seamless provision of a monthly ration amounting to 12000 rupees for 20 million families.

Monthly Ration Distribution: A Lifeline for 20 Million Families

For the beneficiaries of the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000, this monthly ration is more than a mere distribution of essential commodities. It represents an opportunity to secure sustenance, bridging the gap between scarcity and stability. The utility stores established by the government become a source of support for those in need.

Government’s Commitment to Alleviate Poverty

The Government of Pakistan’s commitment to alleviating poverty is evident in the provision of 12000 rupees or its equivalent to the underprivileged through the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000. This direct assistance targets the lack of food in families, aiming to provide a robust support system.

Expanding Reach: Announcements for More Registrations

Acknowledging the widespread need, the government has announced additional registrations to enhance the impact of the Ahsas Rashan Program. The goal is to include more deserving individuals, ensuring that a larger segment of the population can benefit from this vital program.

Ahsas Rashan Program: A Beacon of Hope

For those grappling with economic uncertainties, the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000 becomes a beacon of hope. It not only addresses immediate needs but also lays the foundation for a more secure and stable future for the beneficiaries.

Ehsaas Program: An Overview

The Ahsas Rashan Program is a part of the broader Ehsaas Program, a comprehensive welfare initiative launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2019.

Genesis of Ehsaas Program Amidst COVID-19

The genesis of the Ehsaas Program can be traced back to the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. With widespread lockdowns causing job losses and financial distress, the government recognized the urgent need for financial assistance.

Ehsaas Program Initiatives: Ration, Kafalat, Education Scholarships

Under the umbrella of the Ehsaas Program, various initiatives were introduced, including the Ehsaas Ration Program, Ehsaas Kafalat Program, and Ehsaas Education Scholarships. Each initiative aims to provide targeted financial assistance to different segments of the population.

Official Channels: Visiting the Government Website

For those interested in participating in the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000, the official website of the Government of Pakistan serves as the primary point of information.

8123 Web Portal: Checking Eligibility from Home

The 8123 Web Portal is a user-friendly platform where individuals can check their eligibility for the Ehsaas program from the comfort of their homes. A valid CNIC and internet access are all that’s needed to begin the eligibility verification process.

Steps to Verify Eligibility Through CNIC Check

  1. Open the official government website on your mobile.
  2. Locate the form on the website, requiring your CNIC number and picture code.
  3. Enter your CNIC number and verification code.
  4. Click on the ‘Know’ button.
  5. Await a confirmation SMS regarding your eligibility.

8171 Percent: A Mobile-Based Registration Confirmation

Another avenue for confirming registration is through mobile-based verification. By sending your CNIC number to 8171 percent, you receive a confirmation SMS detailing your status in the Ehsaas Ration Program.

8123 Web Portal Rashan: Empowering the Poor

The 8123 Web Portal Rashan is a step towards empowering the poor. By allowing individuals to check their registration status and receive ration effortlessly, the government aims to further enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of the Ehsaas ration program.


In conclusion, the Ahsas Rashan Program 12000 is not just a government initiative; it’s a testament to the commitment to social welfare. By providing tangible support to those in need, the program is a critical step towards a more inclusive and resilient society.


  1. Who is eligible for the Ahsas Rashan Program?
    • The eligibility criteria can be checked through the official government website or the 8123 Web Portal.
  2. How often is the ration distributed through the Ahsas Rashan Program?
    • The program provides a monthly ration to 20 million families.
  3. Can I reapply if I’m declared ineligible?
    • Yes, individuals declared ineligible can visit the registration center and provide accurate information for reconsideration.
  4. What other initiatives are part of the Ehsaas Program?
    • The Ehsaas Program includes initiatives such as Ehsaas Kafalat Program and Ehsaas Education Scholarships.
  5. How can I verify my registration through mobile-based confirmation?
    • Send your CNIC number to 8171 percent, and you’ll receive a confirmation SMS shortly.